Level 2 Common Health Conditions

Level 2 Common Health Conditions

Health & Social Care workers need to have a good understanding of a wide range of illnesses and conditions. The Level 2 Common Health Conditions course is ideal for anybody who has a professional or personal interest in health conditions that affect older people such as arthritis, dementia and stroke.

This course is currently being subsidised by the college and is, therefore, free of charge at present UNLESS you fail to complete it; in which case you will be liable to pay £85 to cover the cost of materials and administration plus any registration costs that may have been incurred.

Module A

  • Unit 1 Understand how to contribute to monitoring the health of individuals affected by health conditions
  • Unit 2 Understand Cardiovascular Disease

Module B

  • Unit 3: Stroke Awareness
  • Unit 4: Arthritis Awareness

Module C

  • Unit 5: Understand physical disability
  • Unit 6: Parkinson’s Disease Awareness

Although there are no formal entry requirements for this course due to the nature and course delivery of distance learning we require all applicants to hold a minimum of English Literacy Level 1 or equivalent.

If you are between 19 and 23 yrs of age you must also have already achieved a full level 2 qualification ie the equivalent of 5 GCSE Grades A- C

If you are unsure of your level of literacy please read the attached instructions to undertake a literacy assessment on line. This will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Instructions are available here, and more information can be found at www.learnmyway.com.

In addition, you may find completion of this course more difficult if you are not already working or volunteering within the Care sector, but you will find it helpful if you have already achieved a Level 1 qualification in a health or social care related area.

This course will take 12 weeks to complete and consists of 3 written assessments.

Each candidate is required to give written responses to questions in a work booklet, either handwritten answers or completion of the assessment booklet using an electronic template which can be provided.

You will be required to submit 3 assessments each taking 4 weeks to complete.

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Awarding Body:

Cache Awarding Body

For further information about the course specification please visit the awarding body’s web site www.cache.org.uk and search using the following code 601/4306/X or follow this link

Courses are only free to people who have lived in England for the past 3 yrs, are aged 19 years or over and are not currently accessing any other government funded training.
Please note there is a non-completion fee of £85 if you have to be withdrawn from the course.

Course fees:



Level 2


12 weeks

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