Level 2 Principles of Customer Service

This 12 week Level 2 Principles of Customer Service course is suitable for those wanting to learn more about the skills and knowledge required to work in a customer service role in a range of working environments.

Course Duration: 12 weeks
Course Level: Level 2
Course Fees: Free

This course is currently being subsidised by the college and is, therefore, free of charge at present UNLESS you fail to complete it; in which case you will be liable to pay £85 to cover the cost of materials and administration plus any registration costs that may have been incurred.
Courses are fully funded for people who have lived in England for the past three years and are classed as “home fee paying students”, are aged 19 yrs or over and are not currently accessing any other government funding.
Please note there is a non-completion fee of £85 if you have to be withdrawn from the course.

The qualification covers a range of units aimed at developing the learners understanding of the principles of excellence in customer service and knowledge to support the skills of communication with customers and managing customer relations.

  • Unit 1: Principles of customer service and delivery
  • Unit 2: Understand customers
  • Unit 3: Understand employer organisations
  • Unit 4: Understand how to communicate with customers
  • Unit 5: Understand how to handle customer information
  • Unit 6: Understand how to resolve problems and deliver customer service to challenging customers
  • Unit 7: Understand how to develop customer relationships.

Although there are no formal entry requirements for this Principles of Customer Service course, we recommend that learners have a minimum of level 1 English Literacy or equivalent qualification as without this learners may find it difficult to meet the learning outcomes.

If you are between 19 and 23 yrs of age you must also have already achieved a full level 2 qualification ie the equivalent of 5 GCSE Grades A- C

It may also be helpful for learners to have experience of working in a customer facing role.

Each candidate is required to give written responses to questions in a work booklet, either handwritten answers or completion of the assessment booklet using an electronic template which can be provided.

You will be required to submit 3 assessments each taking 4 weeks to complete.

Level 2 Principles of Customer Service Awarding body

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