Understanding Anxiety

Course DurationCourse Duration: 4 hours
Course FeesCourse Fees: £25

The distance learning Understanding Anxiety course will give you the knowledge you need to understand the impact and key issues surrounding anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

Almost one in five adults living in the UK experiences some form of anxiety of depression. This number could be higher because many people are embarrassed to come forward due to little understanding of the seriousness of anxiety and depression.

A great addition to your CV, to show your commitment to mental health, the distance learning Understanding Anxiety course is also beneficial for general knowledge and ‘real world’ experiences.

This course is also a great introduction to our Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems Distance Learning Course.

Completed online with auto-marked assessments, this programme can be completed in your own time and in a place to suit you.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of participation in this subject area which can boost career prospects and opportunities in a variety of fields.

On the distance learning Understanding Anxiety course you will learn:

Section 1: The meaning of ‘anxiety’ and ‘panic attack’

In this section, learners will understand the true meaning of the terms ‘anxiety’ and ‘panic attack’, the causes and effects of anxiety and how particular ways of thinking can affect the onset of anxiety.

Section 2: Causes of anxiety

This section explores what causes anxiety and discusses the existing research exploring why some are susceptible to anxiety, whilst others remain unaffected.

Section 3: The effects of anxiety

Learners will be introduced to the varying effects of anxiety, the physical and emotional symptoms and the health repercussions it can have on individuals living with the condition.

Section 4: How ways of thinking and behaving affect anxiety

In this section, learners will understand that the way people think can greatly influence the way they handle demanding, stressful events. This module details how individuals respond to such events in very different ways experiencing different outcomes.

Section 5: Anxiety management and support

Learners will be introduced to the self-help approach towards anxiety and will learn about different self-help strategies available to those living with the condition.

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